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About Safesight GLobal

We are all about

making a positive impact

in the world.

Our mission revolves around fostering resilience and minimising risks, both in the developed and developing world.

By strategically building capabilities, we empower Organisations and governments to overcome challenges, enhance their skills, and thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

Our Experience

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Supporting developed and developing nations to build systems that protect children and effective justice mechanisms

memory loss

Systems strategy for embedding PSEAH, family violence, and responses to childhood trauma.

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Digital child safeguarding

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Technology and cybersecurity strategy & risk

risk management

Strategic risk management

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About Us

senior leaders with extensive experience providing strategic & Risk advisory services to Government and corporate organsiations.

We have worked across all sectors assisting organisations to manage risks and drive strategic change.

Natalie Siegel-Brown

Natalie is an experienced CEO, government oversight body and independent statutory appointee. Her expertise ranges across domestic and family violence, sexual violence, child abuse and neglect, youth justice, mental health, disability, aged care and elder abuse.

Rob Brown

Rob has over ten years experience providing organisations with cyber and fraud risk advice both in Big 4 and boutique consulting businesses. Rob understands the many cybersecurity and information technology risks that orginsations face, and has developed many strategies to assist with manging and mitigating these risks.

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